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When translations go wrong: parking

Here is another example of a translation into German that appears to have gone slightly wrong:


What it wants to do is to ask you politely not to park in front of the entrance, but it should read “Bitte vor diesem Eingang nicht parkieren”.

Or should it?

“Parkieren” sounds funny to the native German – but why? Is it because it appears to be wrong, or even because it appears to be an attempt to translate “to park” into German (as in “to walk” being “spazieren“?)

Actually, in this case, the translation is technically correct – in Swiss German the verb would be “parkieren”. The sign was seen on the entrace to a complex on Lanzarote – perhaps they have a lot of Swiss park in front of the gate?

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One Response to “When translations go wrong: parking”

  1. Calle Lanzarote (DE) Says:

    Parken oder Parkieren?…

    Hier ist ein weiteres Beispiel für eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche die anscheinend schiefgegeangen ist.
    Aber ist sie es wirklich?
    Was uns das Schild eigentlich höflich sagt, ist, dass man vor diesem Eingang nicht parken soll.

    Das Wort “parkieren…..

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