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German Sausages at Teguise Market

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The German sausage stand at Teguise MarketGerman tourists longing for a taste of home on Lanzarote will be pleased to discover the food stalls at Teguise Market.

Here, on two stands run by the El Puerto restaurant from Puerto del Carmen, German sausages and other cooked food are served. The sausages are called „Thüringer“, a type of fried pork sausage that comes from the Thuringia area of the former GDR and contains a small amount of spices.

A range of beers are also on offer.


It pays to speak Spanish

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

There are times on Lanzarote when it pays to speak Spanish. At previously mentioned, it can be quite useful when there are problems with your bill in restaurant.

Teguise MarketBut a special mention should be given to the market at Teguise.

Here, even the guidebooks tell you not to accept the first price that the sellers ask you for, and try to agree on a price that you are happy with. This is not only more difficult in a language that is foreign to the seller, but often they will be more happy to go down in price if they are selling to someone who appears to be a bit less of a tourist.

So if you can speak Spanish, it is worth using it straight away for any questions you may have, and increasing your chances of lowering the price. The better you speak it, the more chance you have…

Parking in Teguise

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Many visitors make their way to Teguise on Sundays to visit the weekly market and for those not on an organised bus tour the main problem will be where to park.

Parking vigilado - a sign outside of Teguise on a SundayAlthough it is possible to park in the streets around the centre of the town, these are often blocked off for the day with police on hand to make sure that only the locals use them.

For everyone else there are the lava fields on the outskirts, where your car will be guarded for a charge of 1.50EUR. Often these display a notice with the distance to the market – be aware that the first ones you see will not be the closest!

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