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Double Six

When I first read  about the new Fish and Chip shop in Puerto del Carmen – Double Six – I knew it was somewhere that I would want to go. Could they really get the batter right, as they were claiming?

What’s good: the food is tasty and reasonably priced. There is even a children’s portion, which makes a change from some of the menus in the area who mostly have the same options for them.

What’s not so good: although you can get other things you might expect at a fish’n’chip shop, such as battered sausages, there is not a wide choice of fish. Just cod.

Double Six - in Calle Bajamar

Double Six - in Calle Bajamar

The highlight: at the end of the meal you get to throw a pair of dice and if you get a double six then you only pay for the drinks – the food is on the house.

Alas, the dice were not on our side…

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  1. Calle Lanzarote (DE) Says:

    Double Six…

    Als ich das erste Mal von dem neuen Fish’n’Chip Shop “Double Six”  in Puerto del Carmen gelesen habe, wusste ich wo ich gerne mal hingehen würde. Bekommen sie den Teig wirklich so gut hin, wie sie behaupten?
    Was gut ist: Das Essen sc…

  2. Green Bananas | Calle Lanzarote Says:

    […] Double Six Fish and Chips in Puerto del Carmen, for example, you receive 10% off your […]

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