Calle Lanzarote

Walking from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero

After many years of looking at the steps that leave Calle Teide at one end of Puerto del Carmen, last year we finally ventured up them to walk to Puerto Calero.

The steps at the end of Calle Teide in Puerto del Carmen

The steps at the end of Calle Teide

After going up the zig-zag path to the top of the cliffs, we continued along the first part of the path which was paved and with a wall between us and the rockface.

The first part of the path is paved

The first part of the path is paved...

There are some nice areas to sit on this part of the path, with plants providing shade. But eventually, the path becomes a dirt track and for most of it the wall is missing. There are only wooden posts marking the right-hand side of the path. At this point we kept a close eye on our daughter, although the path is not so narrow that we needed to hold her hand all of the time.

Then it is a dirt track

... before it becomes a dirt track

Even this part of the path has seats every few metres to rest on, and spectacular views across the sea to either Puerto del Carmen or Puerto Calero, and across the land to the volcanoes in the distance.

In some parts there is no wall

In some parts there is no wall

There are also a number of houses along the route, including one right on the cliff’s edge that looked as if it had been abandoned and was going to fall into the sea at some point.

Barranco del Quíquere

Barranco del Quíquere

At first we ignored the steps that led down to the sea at several places, but on reaching the Barranco del Quíquere we had no choice and took the steps downwards into the cove. Here we found families under sunshades who were enjoying the solitude of the cove (apart from the walkers, obviously), and whose children were even swimming out to a pontoon moored some way out in the sea.

Puerto Calero is in the distance

Puerto Calero is in the distance

After climbing back up to the cliff-tops again the dusty track continued with just the wooden bollards until we reached Puerto Calero. Here we were surprised to find a pair of gates across the road that had been locked, and so rather than just walking into the marina we had to go back up the other side of the road and walk to another road, from where we were able to walk back on a lower level to get to the waterfront.

The locked gates at the marina in Puerto Calero

The locked gates at the marina

The walk took us just over an hour and although we enjoyed doing it and taking in the views – this was, after all, the first time that we had walked anywhere on Lanzarote beyond the boundaries of one of the towns – we decided to take the waterbus back again and see where we had been from the sea.

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