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The Waterbus from Puerto Calero to Puerto del Carmen

The waterbus „express“ runs between Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen and is operated by Lineas Maritimas Romero.

Having walked from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero, we decided to take the waterbus for the return journey and see where we had been from the sea.

The Waterbus -Ana Segundo- in Puerto del Carmen's Harbour

The Waterbus (Ana Segundo) in Puerto del Carmen

The trip cost 6EUR for adults and 4EUR (as of October 2011) for children and even included a drink of Ronmiel for the adults on board! It should, however, be noted that there are no discounts for groups or for senior citizens.

As we had read online that it was not advisable to buy tickets in advance, we headed to the pier about 15 minutes before sailing and bought ours before boarding the boat. This was obviously a good idea, as we heard a rep complain later that the times on the brochure didn’t always match up with the actual sailing times.

Barranco del Quíquere viewed from the sea

Barranco del Quíquere viewed from the sea

The ride was quite choppy as first, but it was interesting to see the cliffs from a different angle, and Puerto del Carmen from the sea for the first time. We arrived in the harbour there after about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any dolphins.

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