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Mardelva in Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote)The restaurant „Mardelva“ is located in the Calle Los Infantes above the old harbour in Puerto del Carmen, just off Calle Teide. It advertises itself as “fresh fish and tapas”.

When I first went there some years ago, I was not particularly impressed. A combination of wrong or late food and the rolls and butter trick were enough to put me off for several years. That is, until I received a tip that the quality of service varied depending on the staff who were on duty. So armed with information on which waiters and waitresses to watch out for, I went back there this year.

This time, the experience was totally different. Not only could we choose our food in our own time, but we were also advised on which fish was fresh and even given the honest information as to which fish was delivered frozen.

I went for the fresh fish and selected barracuda, and I was not disappointed. The fish was served with a small salad, three dips and Canarian potatoes.

What also impressed me was being asked whether or not we wanted rolls as a starter, rather than them just being placed on the table and charged for as had previously been the case.

The menu is not entirely based on fish, so there are alternatives like steak on offer and also a children’s menu with both fish and other items on it.

The view from Mardeleva’s outdoor tables is perfect to watch the sun go down behind the island and see the lights come on across the water on Fuerteventura. You can also look down on Puerto del Carmen’s harbour as the last boats tie up for the night. The new walkway along the harbour also has a set of steps leading up to it.

With the right staff, eating there can make it a nice evening out. It’s just a shame that catching the wrong crew can make the evening such a disappointment.

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