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Lanzarote Guidebook – Spring Edition



Spring has now well and truly arrived, and with our flights booked, our thoughts are now starting to turn to what we are actually going to do during our holiday on Lanzarote this year.

Will we go to a museum?  Or a wildlife park?  Or try a new restaurant?  Helping us make this decision will be the Lanzarote Guidebook – a free, in-depth tourist guide that can be downloaded from, and now available in the Spring 2009 edition.

The Guidebook is full of information about the island’s resorts, towns and places, and also contains maps and information on opening times – invaluable for planning where to go and what to do during our stay.

To whet our appetite there are pictures from local photographer James Mitchell, making us wish that we could just jump on a plane and leave today.

The guide is distributed free to tourists on the island itself in a handy and portable A5 format, but to take an look before leaving you can download the PDF version from the website.

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  1. Calle Lanzarote (DE) Says:

    Lanzarote Guidebook – Frühlingsausgabe…

    Der Frühling ist nun wirklich und wahrhaftig da und mit unseren gebuchten Flügen fangen unsere Gedanken an auszuschweifen was wir dieses Jahr auf Lanzarote alles unternehmen könnten.
    Sollen wir in ein Museum gehen?  Oder i…

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