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Buying a piece of wood on Lanzarote

Broken piece of chipboard on LanzaroteThe sawdust under my bed when we arrived at our flat on Lanzarote should have been a clue, as should have been my instinct that told me at night my head was sinking lower than my feet in bed.

In the end, however, it was not until I eventually decided to investigate further than I found out what was wrong. I had suspected my mattress had a problem, or a spring had gone. But it turned out that the piece of chipboard at one end of my bed had broken and now had a hole in it.

This led to the question “where do you buy a piece of wood on Lanzarote and have it cut to the right size?”

A search on Google came up with some ideas, and we headed off to Playa Honda to MegaCentro opposite Deiland. They did have some wood to buy, but it was pre-cut and mainly for floors and shelving.

Luckily whilst we had been on the way there, I had sent a message to Mike Cliffe-Jones from Lanzarote Information, and just as we set off again his answer arrived, suggesting we look “opposite the hospital on the Arrecife to San Bartolomé road”, ie. the LZ-20.

We went straight there and found “Lanzafuerte” – the Supermercado de la Madera (literally, the wood supermarket) and went inside.

Lanzafuerte - Supermercado de la Madera - Arrecife - Lanzarote

Lanzafuerte - Supermercado de la Madera in Arrecife

Not only did they have sheets of chipboard, but as long as we paid for the entire sheet they were happy to cut it for us to any size.

Out of the sheet we were able to get two pieces in the size we needed, so we were able to leave a spare in the flat as well. The sheet of chipboard (244cm x 122cm) cost 15.36EUR and having it cut an additional 0.87EUR.

A new piece of chipboard on LanzaroteThe warehouse was even big enough to drive the car into to load the pieces into the boot.

So thanks to Mike we now know where to go to buy wood on Lanzarote and have it cut to size. For everyone else who would like to know: Lanzafuerte is located at Ctra. Arrecife San Bartolomé 265 in Arrecife. The phone number is 928 815 310.

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  1. Colin Tappenden Says:

    It was a good job somebody knew where the Hospital was.

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