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Post boxes

Post boxes on Lanzarote seem to come in a variety of shapes and forms. There are official ones that you see on street corners – yellow and solid, much like in the UK. And then there are the plastic ones, often seen at the doors of supermarkets.

Since you can often buy stamps in shops selling postcards, the logical extension of this is for them to have their own post box as well. Although they rarely say on them how often they will be emptied.

Here are a selection of the models that we have seen:

Street corner postbox on Lanzarote

The street corner version

Post box in supermarket entrance on Lanzarote

In the entrance to a supermarket

Mini post box in a shop on Lanzarote

The mini in-store version

Do you know of any others?

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  1. Calle Lanzarote (DE) Says:


    Briefkästen scheint es in vielen Variationen von Formen und Größen zu geben. An der Straßenecke sieht man die amtlichen – die gelben stabilen – ähnlich wie in Großbritannien. Und dann sind da noch welche aus Plastik die man oft an der Tür e…

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