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Mirador del Río

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Mirador del ríoThe Mirador del Río is located at the north-eastern tip of Lanzarote, overlooking the straight of water called “El Rio” (literally, “The River”) and the neighbouring island of La Graciosa.

On my first visit to the island, I didn’t quite “get it”.  For some reason large groups of tourists were arriving in buses to either go through a small entrance in the rock, or they were walking a short way down the road to climb over a small wall in order to enter an area that the signs said they should not be in.

Going over that wall is not just a matter of defying an order, but also risking the 475 meter drop down towards the salt flats if you slip – not something that I recommend trying.

But where were all those people going to through the rock entrance?  More to the point, why were they paying for the privilege?

At the time I felt that paying to get a better view of La Graciosa was not really necessary, and being tired probably did not help much either.

Mirador del río - The entrance to the viewing complex

The entrance to the viewing complex

Eight years later I finally returned to the Mirador, and this time I was more curious.  What was behind the rock face?

So I paid my €4,50 entrance fee and went in to found out.

At this point I have to admit – yes, the view is stunning!  You cannot compare it to the view from the road, because there is just a shear drop down to the ocean and you are literally standing on the very edge of the island.

But it isn’t just a case of a good vantage point amongst the rocks, the whole complex is fascinating, with the interior in pristine white and sparsely decorated, one might almost say it helps the visitors to focus on the view.

Mirador del río - the view across to La Graciosa with the salt flats down below

The view across to La Graciosa with the salt flats down below

There is a higher level, accessed through a staircase housed in a glass dome, which allows for an even more exclusive view.  Inside there is a bar, where you can drink a coffee and watch the ferries go back and forth between Orzola and La Graciosa.  There is also a souvenir shop selling, amongst other things, books about the art and architecture found on Lanzarote.

In my opinion, it is a part of the island that every visitor should see at least once.  That said, the price is such that I would probably think twice before paying again on a future visit.

24-hour shop system extended to Orzola

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The 24-hour self-service supermarket that we reported on previously in Puerto del Carmen has now been extended to Orzola.

Located in the far north-east of the island, Orzola is popular with visitors crossing to the smaller island of La Graciosa for the day. Now they can buy their essential supplies after returning to the mainland whatever time the ferry gets in.

The 24 hour supermarket in Orzola

The 24 hour supermarket in Orzola

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